Translation:All of us

October 6, 2018



Kakou = We (3+ people inclusive) Kaua = We (2 people inclusive)

October 8, 2018

October 12, 2018


What’s the difference between this version of ‘we’ and the previous one?

October 6, 2018


The Tips & Notes explains that this version means "all of you and me" so it's used for a larger group that includes you and the listener. The other version is "you and me", so just the speaker and the listener.

October 6, 2018


"Everybody" and "everyone" are given as alternate translations. Shouldn't it just be "we"?

October 10, 2018


If I understand correctly, there are a few different words that would be translated as "we" in English. They all include "me" and at least one other person, consisting of "you" (or not) and "others" (or not).

"Kākou" is specifically the one that includes both "you" and "others". As such, it sort of means "all of us" and sometimes it is even translated as "everyone".

October 10, 2018


"Me and all of you" is marked as wrong, while in the grammar lesson it says "kākou = "all of you and me" = WE ALL." Shouldn't it be accepted too as valid? Thank you!

February 27, 2019


Fix the speach button

June 2, 2019
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