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  5. "kēlā wahine"

"kēlā wahine"

Translation:that woman

October 6, 2018



What I've gathered from this pronunciation is e- ay, ē- eh and a- uh, ā- ah. So kēlā wahine is pronounced kehlah wuh-hinay. I hope that helps someone.


The macron or kahakō over a vowel does not shift the pronunciation. It means that you pronounce it for twice as long. The "e" in Hawaiian is pronounced more like the short e in bet even at the end of words or with a kahakō on it. The a is usually pronounced like the a in father, but for some words it does have a slight schwa sound to it, like in wahine or nani. An a with a kahakō would never sound like a schwa, though.


Anything that has a "-" on top of a vowel is usually a long vowel (I discovered).

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