October 7, 2018

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It would be amazing if there was audio for this. Regardless, this is so awesome and I am proud for the navajo people to get the recognition they deserve. Through genocide, persecution, and prejudice you have fought through it all and I am proud of you all. I am looking forward to learning the basics of your language (the language of the navajos, that is) :)


I found a site called navajowtd that has pronunciations!


Thanks for the link!


Usually when a language is added the audio is added later. I've been waiting on Swahili audio for a year. They finally have some.


No audio. :( Guessing at pronunciation feels disrespectful.


Yeah, if there's no audio, I'm not sure I want to continue. It is one of the most interesting sounding languages that I've ever heard; it's such a shame we can't hear it in Duolingo.


Theres multiple meanings for the words with navajo. How each question is asked doesnt take into account the way it can be interpreted. Mutiple choice need to have mutiple correct answers or only one right answer.


I can't seem to find any kind of audio for any word. Please, please, please add audio. I can't find the pronunciation of this particular word online & I feel quite lost :( Following Butsuri's link: https://navajowotd.com/word/hagoonee/


I would love to actually hear the pronunciation of these words


It should have audio


Sorry but completely worthless with no audio. Even online dictionaries have audio!

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In the intro lessons they expect you to be able to spell perfectly these words with all their double vowels, accents, and '?? They are allowing no deviations like some of the other languages do. It seems unreasonable to me, especially since we are just now hearing how it is pronounced.

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