Translation:Hui ʻana

October 7, 2018

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This entire unit has been one word and one word only.


I experienced the same thing.


...even if I forget everything I learnt from this course, I'll forever remember what is Hawaiian for "meeting"


ʻHalawaiʻ should also be accepted for the word ʻMeetingʻ


Halawai is an appointment.


I think the context here is that halawai is an organized meeting, but this "hui ‘ana" is more like Mahalo i ka hui ‘ana - It was nice running into you. I have never heard anyone say this, EVER, and so this context is just a guess on my part.


In modern times, hālāwai tends to be used when talking about a more formal meeting.


I put "Hui 'ana" and it was marked wrong. AND there is no report button for "My answer should be accepted", so I am marking this translation DOWN since there is no other way to send the message to DLHawaiian until they fix the 'Report' button


Because that IS wrong. The ʻokina (this thing —> ʻ) is not an apostrophe, but a letter altogether


Is there a reason why its hui ana vs just hui?? Ive learned it without the ana


Don´t quote me on this, but I think that "hui" means to meet as a verb, but in Hawaiian many nouns can be used as verbs and vice versa. "Ana" following a verb means a single event, therefore one single time these people met is a meeting and that is why there is ana behind the hui, to indicate the single event of meeting.

However, this is just my deduction, so I am absolutely not sure about this and anyone can feel free to correct me.


Good question, Ian. I learned that a nominalized verb turns it into "the act of" instead of a generic descriptor noun. However, Hawaiian is fluid and there are multiple possibilities, and the course is still in beta just as an aside. I myself am wondering why they are not teaching hālāwai instead actually.

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