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Changes ahead for tree transitions

Bonjour tout le monde !

Staff has heard your concerns in the forums as well as the feedback the mods and contributors have shared after some of you were switched to a new tree. I have word that they will "be focusing on making the tree change experience better in the first half of next year and will likely hold off on most tree changes until then."

The good news is that staff is fully aware of how discouraging and frustrating it is to lose crowns and levels as well as to experience unanticipated changes to your tree. They want to fix the process before putting more users through it. I'm very hopeful that they will come up with some good ideas.

This means that everyone will likely stay in the tree they currently have to prevent further disruption.

The downside, of course, is if you want to move to another tree, it probably won't happen for at least six months. We'd like to see Tree 2 users have the option of moving to at least Tree 3, and we've asked for that, but I don't know if it will happen.

For now, it seems that things will be relatively stable for the French trees.

Bon courage et bonne continuation à tous !

October 7, 2018


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I stopped a frenetic level (2 hours a day) of Duo french study thirty days ago because, ironically, I was traveling in France. Of course, I lost my streak but when I came back yesterday I found most of my old gold coins for completed subjects gone and in their place some very practical new subjects. Too bad they weren't there before I'd left because they would have been very useful.

I got a kick out of my previous rankings but because I'm more interested in learning French I don't mind this. I love the fact that I can get tips on my cell phone now as well as on my computer. Was I launched into this new system ahead of others because I quit? I'm not upset just curious. I like the changes so far.

October 7, 2018


dang, are they making even the French tree a phrasebook one? I must hurry to review it.

October 7, 2018


Hello French moderators, Hello Duolingo staff and community managers,

I am curious: Are those recent French (tree12) tree conversions many user complain in multiple threads a mistake or done by intent?

Has "tree update" code development been dropped again by staff?

Why is there no NEW "tree XX" active tree development - for old users - which is more / better compatible with the old tree2+3 skill layout instead of migrating old users (tree2/3) to the newer (incompatible) trees 8/12, or is this already happening with contractors in the background since the last months?

You do not really need to REMOVE all 26+ dedicated "grammar skills" from the contributor A/B tree3, do you?

Why are people losing their progress right now before finishing their tree, when they only want to accomplish this goal?
Why do they still have to lose their crowns when the "tree update" code re-engineering may not to be realized that easily
(I can imagine this very well that new trees first need to be carefully designed and no update code can fix this when you move words and sentences to new skills)?


@staff @community managers


Stick to tree3, not be forced into new A/B tree updates

When will you finally introduce a new feature so people can stay on the great contributor tree3 if they want that for the next ~2-3 or 5 years (like me), which philosophy is IMHO more compatible with focusing on grammar instead of vocabulary, like EN-PT supports it?

If you need ANY help in designing a new / more "tree update" compatible French tree you may want to ask the EN->Portuguese team ;)
Their June 2018 EN-PT update actually let Portuguese learners (even with completed trees like me!) stay on most of the old skills and crowns and only resetted progress back to crown L0 level for a few selected skills (+ new skills); the "missing_lessons" and "num_missing" (lexemes) variable were touched so it was still advisable to use the old "lesson test-out" 2016/2017 code.

Yes, believe it or not, this really can be done if you just carefully design the new tree and make it 100% compatible with the older ones, including leaving all previous "grammar skills" and not removing them! :-)


Option to select your tree:


Is it really that hard to develop for staff an opt-in A/B tree feature like you offered in February-April 2018 for the "crown update" to some (selected) users on the web portal?

All these "unnecessary" UI changes but all main / backend features are basically broken?


Switch tree focus in advanced user settings

Will there be ever an user (advanced) setting tree option for a specific course if design is either

  • "vocabulary skill" related (like the last two EN-ES versions or French tree8+12) for advanced learners and finished trees

  • or highly grammar related (dedicated grammar skills, selectable in "skill re-strengthen" exercises on www.Duome.eu/USERNAME/progress or Tampermonkey userscripts or Chrome/Firefox extensions)?

For example, I am here on Duolingo to learn grammar, not vocabulary.

Sorry to say, but with tree sizes more than 69-91/96 skills we will not be able to focus on spaced repetition (SR) and keeping ALL of our previous completed 113 (ES)-119 (FR) / 156 (FR) -159 (ES) or recently learned (grammar) skills at 75-100% strength!

There are already other sites and 3rd party flashcard applications (Memrise, AnkiSRS, VT, SuperMemo, Clozemaster, Lingvist, Mondly, etc.) where I could strictly focus on learning new words.

Neither is Duolingo a phrasebook (like 50languages), so please stop drifting into all directions at the same time.
If you want or need to, you can of course mix the very best of ALL available solutions (offering dedicated grammar lessons, introducing NEW useful - selectable - vocabulary, re-strenghten previously taught grammar randomly in new "vocabulary skills", adding some useful phrases instead of robotic animal/food sentences, etc).

Please Duolingo, focus on where your real strength is:

Learning how to build / construct sentences in the L2 target language (with full typing support on the web porta)!

Other learning sites do not teach me that yet successfully!

With best regards / Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

I am a German native speaker. English is my 2nd language. I do not intend to hurt anybody's feelings so please do not take it on a personal level when I am trying to translate my "direct German thoughts" into English and maybe I have not managed to softly express my opinions in this morning brainstorming session.

March 27, 2019


Apologize for English being your second (or more I'm sure) language? You're writing is wonderfully clear and a good model for native English writers.

March 28, 2019
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