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Stories in Hawaiian!

Hawaiian is a very satisfying language and I try very hard with it, it would be good if we had stories in Hawaiian like some other languages. I love the language so much and it has brought so many advantages to me, having Hawaiian stories would add extra experience increasing knowledge!

October 7, 2018



We need a proper Hawaiian course first


I wish Disney had made a Hawaiian dub of Lilo and Stitch. Maybe the rumored live action one will get a Hawaiian dub if it's real? I don't know. But I'm sure if you searched online you could find a Hawaiian myth in it's native language.


I would love to watch Lilo and Stitch in Hawaiian! Thanks to a certain famous streaming company that used to rent DVDs, I have learned a tiny bit of Russian by watching Russian shows with English subtitles. Of course, it tends to be what is repeated often: "Stop! Police! This is evidence. I am his lawyer. Pay me. Poop!" Is there a Hawaiian film industry for the locals?


I think it will take years if we ever get Hawaiian stories. Many other languages are in the queue for stories, I guess.


I think that we’ll have to wait a long long while for those, specially considering two things: 1. The course needs more development (it’s literally been out two days) 2. Other languages that have been here for longer do not have them yet (eg: Italian) and if the stories ever expand, they’ll go for those languages first.

Still, it would be amazing to read stuff in Hawaiian whether it’s online or in a printed book.


Thank you very much for the link! Have a lingot :)

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