"Kemeja itu lebar."

Translation:That shirt is wide.

October 7, 2018

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so why not allow 'large' as a translation for 'lebar'? It makes no sense in English to say that a shirt is wide


I feel as if it truly is a legitimate English sentence. But it doesn't really help you understand what the translation really means. For instance, Do the Indonesians view a "plus size" shirt as a "wide" shirt? Or do they really mean to simply remark that the literal width of the shirt is noteworthy somehow? Either way, I think either this statement or its translation should be changed to clarify all these reasonable complaints.


True, but it helps you to think of it more like the way an Indonesian speaker might.


As noted by others, this English translation is totally meaningless.

But more frustrating is that hovering over the word 'lebar' gives two definitions in English, one of which is large. Despite offering 'large' as a translation for 'lebar', duolingo still aren't accepting 'That shirt is large' which, of course, is a readily comprehensible sentence in English.


why exactly is "large" not accepted here?


the answer is meaningless in English. I can understand the reasoning given below bur it is still wrong


I don't understand what that means...


Different language, so sometimes different expressions for common events (my favourite ... puppy love vs. monkey love). Kemeja itu lebar is how Indonesians would says that the shirt is too big across the body ... i.e. too loose.


What's the difference between "lebar" and "besar"? -- I asked this question to native Indonesian speakers on HiNative. The answer is crystal clear. You should take a look at it:


"Lebar" in "Kemeja itu lebar" means "that shirt is large" (e.g. XXXL size). The reason why "lebar"'s primary meaning is "wide" is that "lebar" is used when you describe something big two-dimensionally, and still the size is within your arm length. On the other hand, "besar" is used three-dimensionally. Indonesian people see the size of a shirt two-dimentionally. "Kemeja yang lebar" is the shirt is large in width AND in length (not not in height).

Hope this helps.

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