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  5. "yoqpu' chaH verenganpu''e'."

"yoqpu' chaH verenganpu''e'."

Translation:Ferengi are humanoids.

October 7, 2018



I am confused. Here is the correct translation for verengnanpu' Ferengi. Compared to the verengnanpu' Duj, it should be Ferengi's.... I am really confused


Please note that the correct Klingon pronunciation ("spelling") of the word is verengan. Don't add an extra n in there.


The plural of "Ferengi" is "Ferengi" -- "one Ferengi, two Ferengi", like "one sheep, two sheep".

"the Ferengi's ship" has a possessive 's as in "the sheep's meadow" (= the meadow belonging to all of the sheep), not a plural -s.

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