"My hair is short."

Translation:मेरे बाल छोटे हैं ।

October 7, 2018

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Is baal always plural?


No, बाल means "hair," singular, like a single strand of hair, but masculine nouns that don't end in आ are written the same in both singular and plural. So the literal translation of this sentence is "my hairs are short." If it were in the oblique case (say, मेरे बालों में चूहा है), then you could tell if it was singular or plural from the noun.

In my opinion, Duolingo would work a lot better if it had us enter literal English translations rather than confusing everything by trying to translate from idiom to idiom.

[deactivated user]

    I was wandering if the singular would work just as in English, meaning the whole hair on your head rather than single hairs (that you may find in the bathroom sink). Would मेरा बाल छोटा है। be correct?


    This is frustrating. I am getting better at using the Hindi keyboard but Duo keeps marking my answer wrong for no reason that I can understand. What is wrong with this मेरे बाल छाेटे हैं


    You are writing ो as ा+े, which is incorrect (I copied and pasted what you wrote to check). You use the 'o' key to type ो. It's a separate character.


    Why mere oblique here? There is no postposition


    It's not oblique, it's plural because it's referring to the whole head of hairs instead of a single one.

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