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"Apakah kamu ingin mengakhiri perlombaan ini?"

Translation:Do you want to end this competition?

October 7, 2018



I think the English translation is a bit vague on meaning. I took the Indonesian to mean "Do you want to finish this competition?" - as in to completion. Is that wrong? "Do you want to end this competition?" sounds more like "Do you want to stop this competition?" - as in, before anyone wins or loses.


Complete = lengkap ... Apakah kamu ingin melengkapi perlombaan ini. Melingkapi means 'to finish by completing. Akhir = the end; hence mengakhiri means to stop/end etc. but not necessarily complete. PS. I am not that clever ... I used IndoDic to compare the meanings of the range of affixes for both words.
PS #2 ... Welcome to the FB group.


What is the name of the group please?


Thank you for your detailed reply. Very helpful to see the difference between melengkapi and mengakhiri in this example.

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