is there a vocab list for what one has learned? this would be very handy for review...

April 5, 2012


May I suggest that you make your own list. I use an outliner from which helps tremendously. You can quickly see a lot of related wods and sentences.

I teach adult immigrants to speak English. I do not hand out vocabulary lists because I expect my students to keep notebooks with their own lists that they write. Repetition is vital to learning a new language. It will help you to learn the words if you create your own vocabulary list. There is no way for anyone else to keep track of the words you are familiar with and the words you, personally, still need to study. Create your own list. Create your own flashcards. Use a spaced repetition program. The more you use the language, the more you learn.

I couldn't find a vocab list, so started adding all the new words and phrases I come across into Evernote notes. As silverapricot has mentioned, Workflowy seems to be a good choice too. Anyway, I hope the Duolingo team would implement this current vocabulary list feature.

In order to learn the vocab,I would recommend a SRS (spaced repetition) program. My personal favourite is Anki: But there a lot of alternatives around.

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