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  5. "Dans une demi-heure ?"

"Dans une demi-heure ?"

Translation:In half an hour?

April 1, 2013



the pronunciation here is throwing me off: It sounds like she is saying "Dans une dem l'heure," not "dans une demi-heure" is it pronounced correctly here?


you should hear "dans une DUHMYEUR"


'you should hear "dans une DEMYEUR"' ... "should" except for the fact that the female audio pronounces it "DEMLEUR"...


But why do I heard I like don zune na deumi eur? Do the french put a lot of emphasis in the end? In some occasion , like the word chaud ,I hear duolingo saying choode, with a very strong D...


That's just the accent of the male speaker. I appreciate that duo uses two different accented speakers to give us an idea of the range of proper pronunciations


"dem l'heure" is what I hear, too. Reported on Jan. 5, 2016.


the sound should be [duhm-y-uhr]


Thank God for the comments section.


Why doesn't the demi have an e, demie?


When it is used to form a compound noun like in this case it never agrees with the following noun. You would make it agree with the noun in gender in the expression "et demi(e)" like in "une heure et demiE" = "an hour and a half". Don't beat yourself up with that one, demi is one of those words in French that have super specific rules that 97% of French speakers don't even know.


Why isnt "In a half an hour" accepted?


I would say "in one half hour" or "in half an hour" are the inly ones that work


"In a half an hour" is not grammatically correct English. It's either "In a half hour" or "In half an hour" but not with both "a" and "an".


'In a half hour' and 'in half an hour' are the same. Technically the latter should be 'in half OF an hour,' in proper English. Just sayin'


Does the "dans" in this context mean "within" a certain duration of time, as in "can you finish this in half an hour"? Or can it also mean "after" a time, as in "I'll meet you there in half an hour"?


It means 30 min from now, ie "in" half an hour.


But so, do you think that "within half an hour" is wrong? It should be correct, right?


This is an old thread, but for others with this question, per Sitesurf (below):

within half an hour = d'ici une demi-heure


When use "Dans" and when " En"?


"Dans une demi-heure" = in the future, 30 minutes from now. "En une demi-heure" = Duration, the time it took to accomplish something.


Ohhhhh.....je vois, merci beaucoup. Votre tag est drole :)


I said: In 30 mins and it said it was wrong?


If Duolingo expected "30 mins", the French would have been "30 mn".


I typed ''in half an hour'' is that not correct?


Couldn't it be translated "in a half hour"?


What's wrong with "in an half hour"?


The H in half is aspirated as a consonant, so you cannot use "an" as you do with "an hour" (mute H)


Why is "In a half an hour" incorrect? You would say "In an hour", not "in hour".

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On 6 May 2019, it incorrectly accepts "In an half hour" ("a" wasn't available in the pick from list of words and I didn't think of doing "In half an hour"). I was shocked that it accepted it as correct.


I thought 'heure' is feminine so I wrote "dans une demie-heure". It was marked incorrect. Kindly explain so I won't make the same mistake again.


Ah, this is tricky, isn't it?

"demi" remains untouched (invariable) when it is placed in front of a word + hyphen and agrees with the noun it refers to when it is placed after it:

  • une demi-heure => une heure et demie
  • une demi-bouteille => une bouteille et demie


Hmm isn't "une heure et demie" ,1.5 hours.

And isn't "une bouteille et demie" 1.5 bottles.

You are probably roght Sitesurf but could you explain why "et" here means minus and not plus.

Hope you have a minute or so to claify your anawer.

Merci Sitesurf for your great work and effort.


I showed that "une demi-heure" (a half hour) has "demi" in the masculine and "une heure et demie" (an hour and a half) has "demie" in the feminine.

I did not mean that a half hour equals an hour and a half.


I do not understand why 'within' is not accepted. 'Within' means literally 'dans' and I've actually seen this sentence being translated to and from 'within half an hour' quite a few times in some places. Moreover, you can see a translation such as this in Google Translate, Reverso Context, Linguee, among others.


It is seven o'clock:

  • dans une demi-heure = in half an hour = at half past seven

  • d'ici une demi-heure = within half an hour = at any time between now and seven thirty.


Surely since "une" is used, it should be demie-heure???


The rule is that when "demi" is in front of a word and with a hyphen, it is invariable.

une demi-heure // une heure et demie (fem)

un demi-litre // un litre et demi (masc)


Very useful input. Thank you, Sitesurf.


Why is "In half an hour" accepted but not "In half of an hour?" Both phrases are completely correct in English, even if the first may be more commonly used...


Completely correct? I have never ever heard a native speaker say "In half of an hour".


This sentence just made me realize how oddly we spell "half"


In french, can you also say, << En une demi-huere ? >> or just stick with << dans >>


"en une demi-heure" is a duration, the time it takes for you to do something.

"dans une demi-heure" is a date, in 30 mn from now


Do you really pronounce the "s" in "dans" in this sentence? I know it's a liaison, but it feels a bit weird.


Why did they pronounce the "S" in Dans? Shouldn't it be silent?


This is a liaison meant to ease pronunciation whenever two vowel sounds are conflicting.



Do we always use "dans" with time-telling? What about "en"? Does it make sense to say "En une demi-heure."?


Please read above.


I said in an half hour , and it didn't like it


So I read the comments below, and understood the dans vs. en distinction. I answered this as "within" and got it wrong. My question is, how to distinguish the following in French: Precisely 30 minutes from now: When will the train arrive? In half an hour. = Dans une demi-heure. Time period: How long did it take? I did it in 30 minutes. = En une demi-heure. Before 30 minutes: When will you be done? Within half an hour. = ?


Within half an hour = d'ici une demi-heure


Is a missing hyphen really a big deal? And what is going on with the pronunciation? Even the slow one is very bizarre.


You have to understand that the automated checker compares what you wrote with what incubators registered in the system.

So, except for obvious typos, all differences are counted as wrong.


So does this mean it is wrong? Is the pronunciation natural? I live in Paris and I have never heard anything like that.


Can someone explain why "within half an hour" is not accepted?


Pls read previous posts


"Within a half hour?" is wrong? As in, "When will you be back? Within a half hour?"


"Within a half hour" means any time between now and in a half-hour time = d'ici une demi-heure (if it is 2 o'clock, you'll be back before 2:30).

"Dans une demi-heure" is exactly in a half-hour time (at 2:30)


"In an half hour" is not a typo!


Actually, that might be well motivated. "In a half hour" might be more to what they are looking for (or "In half an hour") because we actually pronounce the "h" sound in "half" making it more of a consonant than a vowel leading one to use "a half" rather than "an half".


Why is "In 30 minutes" marked incorrect? Or DL has a different way of saying time then?


Yes it is incorrect because "in 30 minutes" is the translation for "dans trente minutes". You are expected to translate what is offered, not to adapt it.


In a half hour is wrong?


Why did i get a typo for saying in an half hour?


why is 'in 30 minutes' wrong?


If Duo wanted "in 30 minutes", the original sentence would have "dans trente minutes".


Why isn't in 30 minutes accepted as in half an hour? The last options had forty five minutes for trois quarts d'une heure!


Don't you want to learn how to say and write "une demi-heure"?

"45 minutes" may be convenient to translate "trois quarts d'heure" but you did not remember it properly.


I'm questioning the inconsistency and made a typo in comment, not in answer. After updating the app and a load of level 4s being reset to 0, I'm on level 3 so a mix of picking from boxes and free text. There is a box tick to translate trois quarts d'heure where it forces you to pick 45 minutes. This is immediately followed by a free text to translate une demie heure. It makes no sense to insist on a minutes answer for three quarters of an hour, then penalise a minutes answer for half an hour.


what is wrong in "within half an hour"?


Please read earlier posts. Sitesurf has answered this three times.


I wrote 'an half hour' which was my mistake, but it was accepted.


I only had "an" as an option, shouldn't there be an "a", so people can put "in a half hour"?


I say "in a half-hour" but I say "in an hour." The "h" is pronounced in "half" but it is silent in "hour."

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