Loading times

Is anyone else having trouble loading forum threads?

Lately, on more than one browser and more than one device, when I click the link to a forum thread all I get is:

  • the blue banner on top
  • "Forum | Duolingo" for the page title
  • nothing else

Even looking at the source code of thew page doesn't show the post content.

If I leave it for a long while it might change to actually show the post and comments, or it might not.

Why not have a copy of the blue banner on top, the post, and the comments in one page - instead of linking to a page with a copy of the blue banner in its own source code that seems to then very slowly fetch the post and comments from somewhere else?

October 7, 2018


You're not alone, and the load time is painful.

They did a rebuild of the forums not long ago, so I assume there is a reason for this method. If I remember correctly, the forums where causing instability on the main site.

To be sure, I have noticed things have slowed down quite a bit in the last week or so.

Yes, I'm talking about the last week or so, not about all the weeks since the forums rebuild.

the loading time for the excercises is terrible up to 5mins to start each lesson due to loading time no wonder I don't get many lessons done

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