[CLUB] Silly Streakers Motivation Drive

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    This thread is created to serve as a rally point for our club(title) in order to motivate us to learn korean the fastest in the neighborhood.

    1 Prize System (lingots)

    • Top1 = 100 lingots
    • Top2 = 50 lingots
    • Top3 = 25 lingots
      -progression sequence is to promote excellence in learning by motivating being Top1 greatly. Do it best or be a shadow.
      -prizes have to be claimed w/in a week after the declaration of top3 winners otherwise prizes will expire and refresh for the next weekly top3.

    2 Follow System

    (RULE: Be #1 in weekly leaderboard)

    -not required but recommended. We encourage every learners to explore and in so doing, chances are you're going to leave the club and join other clubs. There are many good clubs out there ready to motivate you and keep you on track, we recognize that fact thus this system was put into place.
    -it is recommended for the sole purpose of keeping you motivated not just via club but also thru personal connections via the [Follow] button.(not a fan of [Follow] button meself but might as well give it some motivating function out of club.)

    3 Club Exp System

    -level up as a club. We have a collective exp gains as a club I once used to motivate members TO LEARN AS A TEAM but due to recent updates where members can NOT view club description(why describe clubs when non-club admin can't even view it? lol), I decided to halt it.
    -and we are REACTIVATING it. Via this system, learners will not just learn for himself but also for the club s/he belongs to.

    -To claim your lingots in the Prize System please leave a comment below to unlock "Give Lingot".


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    October 7, 2018

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    October 27, 2018
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