"Mereka menarik saya."

Translation:They pull me.

October 7, 2018

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I can't imagine using this phrase in polite company


"mereka menarik saya" means "they attract me" also


is there something wrong with, 'they interest me'? I thought 'menarik' meant interesting?


"menarik" can have several meanings (to pull, to interest, etc..).
There are five definitions in the KBBI for this verb.

In this skill the verb "menarik" is used in the meaning of "to pull".


OK, that is the intended use, but without context that can't be known. So is 'They interest me.' incorrect or not on its own? Terima kasih!


I agree. No one in Usa would ever say this for whatever meaning.


"They pull me" I have assumed it means to pull someone from a competition or similar. If it means here to actually pull a person with intent to pull them over, then I would have to question the content of this course, why is this included at all, or is this just really shoddy english? Would appreciate an experienced speaker's comment. I recall another 'odd' phrase earlier in the course. "That food falls". Again I thought this their way of saying this food is bad (taste)."


or it could be that they grabbed my arm and pulled me


Is they attract me without context correct or not?

[deactivated user]

    I cannot find the meaning of this in English

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