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"Než nastoupíš do tramvaje, nezapomeň si koupit lístek!"

Translation:Before you get on the tram, don't forget to buy a ticket!

October 7, 2018



Why not: don't forget to buy a ticket before you get on the tram.???


It unnecessarily reverses the order of the clauses in the original sentence. We recommend following the model of the original sentence unless doing so results in something really peculiar in the translation. Maintaining unnecessary "flipped clause" alternatives substantially increases the work needed to manage the course, and resources are limited.


When I hover over the (here newly introduced word) ''lístek', it shows ''list'', and - using that - it marks an error, correcting it to ¨''... buy a pass''. (Before you get on the streetcar, don't forget to buy a pass!)

Please look over this sentence, I don't think that either ''list'' or ''pass'' are correct here (possibly the second one is), I'd expect ''ticket'' (and this also shows up as the proposed answer in this discussion thread).


I added "ticket" and removed "list". I do not know where did it come from, its main translation is "seznam" and there is no English translation that would use the word "list" in the course.

Pass is a valid translation so it is accepted, but not promoted.

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