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Czech words error?

The Czech for English speakers has: je to mašina nová It says the English translation says 'mašina' is machine, but the other exercises use 'stroj' as the word for machine. Is 'mašina' also correct in Czech - I cannot find any Czech dictionary that gives 'mašina' as a word for 'machine'. Is this an error?

October 7, 2018



It is correct, but somewhat colloquial. This word will not be kept in the next version of the tree.


Please put the comment under the sentence in question next time.


VladaFu, Thank you for your reply. I have made the point on another question post, but on the Android App I have no option I can see to put any comment under the sentences. Incidentally, I know some native Czech speakers so I asked them for them for help about this and and they also said 'mašina' was probably too vague to be useful. They also thought the translation of 'hoch' as 'boy' in English was not accurate, but that 'hoch' is better used as a general slang for any male of any age (in English 'chap' or 'bloke' would be more accurate). Anyway thank you for replying.


We have a different thread about hoch et al. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27749621/So-many-different-ways-of-saying-things-hoch-kluk-chlapec I do not agree with your friends in this regard.

For reporting under the relevant sentence, click on the discussion bubble button in the app. It usually has a number in it.


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