"Posisi dia di kiri saya."

Translation:Her position is on my left.

October 7, 2018

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Why not 'on the left of me'?


Another "who is your name" situation. In English, we'd just say "S/he is on my left". Although I do think the default translation should remain the way it is because it'll be hard to translate otherwise.


She is on my left = Dia di sebelah kiri saya.

It has the same meaning.
This sentence is from the skill "Directions"", it's meant to introduce the word "posisi".


Thanks, I get that, but I mean in English saying somebody's position is to your left sounds like they themselves are not on their left, just the place they're supposed to stand. "Where's Rick?" "He's getting a Pepsi" "Well, where is his position in line?" "Right in front of me. I'll let him in when he comes back." Does it work that way in Indonesian too?


Think more. This is useful to describe an incident or a murder scene. XD


Why not 'next to me' instead of on my left


Next to me means di samping saya. It could be on right or left.

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