"मुझे और खाना चाहिए।"

Translation:I want more food.

October 7, 2018

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I came across an excellent explanation of the difference between और' and ज़्यादा in one of the lessons by a participant whose name is Zesul.


A year late, but would appreciate if you (or someone) could expand on it.


Here is the explanation GEE_ZET was referring to.


Couldnt go through this link


और is more, as well as "and"?


When to use ज़ायद and when और?


Zyaada is more than and aur is more


The word for "more". It appears "और' is used when referring to food items and "ज़्यादा" for inanimate or other items. I'd be grateful for any light shed on the "more" usage.


और can definitely be used for non-food items. और पैसा, और दोस्त, etc. As for the exactly differences between और and ज़्यादा' I'm not sure, but I think they are more-or-less equivalent. A mother tongue speaker would have to confirm.


और means "more" in general sense. Ex: मैंने दो खेले लिए हैं। मुझे और दो चाहिए। (I took two bananas. I need two more).

ज़्यादा generally means "more than that/this". मैंने दो खेले लिए हैं। लेकिन मुझे उनसे ज़्यादा खेले चाहिए था। (I took two bananas. But I needed more than these bananas).

In mathematical terms "और 3" would be "plus 3" or "3 more" and "3 से ज़्यादा" would be "more than 3" and finally "और ज़्यादा" would mean "even more". Ex: मुझे उससे और ज़्यादा दो। Give me even more than that. और ज़्यादा खाओ। Eat (even) more.

Note that "और ज़्यादा" is the emphasised version of "ज़्यादा".

By the way Hindi is not my native language. It's my second language.


Oliver Twist said: मुझे और खाना चाहिए।


Another possible meaning: I should eat more.

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