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Duolingo Course Questions

Hi, I'm interested in picking Chinese up again and was curious to know what the course was like. What are the pros and cons of the content, how far can it take you? I don't expect absolute fluency, but if it can teach a good foundation with a nice blend of structures, that would great.

October 7, 2018



I'd suggest that you use another app for Chinese. Duolingo lacks many features and there are much better apps on the market for that (HelloChinese, Chinese skill etc.).


I agree, but also I suppose better use all together. HelloChinese has less variety of phrases.


Most of my friends can speak Mandarin and often do. I always felt left out because of my inability to converse in Mandarin. Three months with Duolingo and I am starting to understand bits in their conversations and work out the whole situation in my head. Sometimes, when they are using simple words, I can understand whole conversations with only a few words that I don't understand popping out here and there. But I am yet to have the guts to actually try speaking Mandarin.


you can't check in course if you say correctly (that's important !), but it is good and you'll learn about characters and grammar.


Duolingo could be a great tool to learn Chinese, but do not make it your main source of learning Mandarin. You should try Lingodeer, it's far better for Mandarin (it actually teaches you the stroke order for characters) and you might also want to look into some courses on Memrise to extend your vocab. There are probably a few more you might wanna check out, though these are the ones I know of.


I also suggest using other apps as your primary Chinese tool. Lingodeer and HelloChinese are both very nice, and they actually help you learn how to write the characters, something which Duolingo does not do. Of course, to become proficient, you should also use books and other resources, but these apps are a good start.


My only problems with the Chinese course is that the Chinese characters should be in a bolder font so that it is easier to distinguish and I would have appreciated the option of having the sentence being spoken slower (because I try to repeat the sentence after it has been said). I don't use any other apps to learn the language, but I do watch Chinese dramas!

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