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  5. "How is he?"

"How is he?"

Translation:Pehea ʻo ia?

October 7, 2018



My answer was Pehea 'o ia? but it said there was a typo and the correct answer is Pehea ʻo ia?, i did get credit for it, but can anyone explain the difference? Is the okina symbol different from the apostrophe? Thanks!


Yes, the ʻokina symbol is a “letter” in the Hawaiian alphabet, while an apostrophe is a punctuational symbol. The apostrophe is not used in Hawaiian, to my knowledge.


Mobile users do not have an option to use an actual 'okina. At least not to my knowledge.


This dua program is cool I really like it the only thing is the computer ought to realize went to give you another chance for instancei type pahea oia...I forget the space the program should recognize and warn you fo look closely anyways Aloha e...pahea kauko malama pono


It says "pahea 'a io" is the correct answer. What's up with that?


What is the meaning of -'o-?


It has no equivalent meaning in English. It is used in this case as a subject marker for the pronoun ia.


Regarding the 'okina, can anyone say how to create a proper 'okina on a Mac keyboard? Sometimes DL accepts the single apostrophe but mostly not. I've googled this without success. Mahalo.


Have to download the Hawaiian Keyboard. Directions for Mac here: https://www.hawaii.edu/askus/428


What does ia mean? How do I know if the 'o is talking about a boy or a girl?


ia is the word that means he/she. You would know which it means by context. Since there is no context here, ia could mean either. It could also mean it. The word 'o is a marker to put in front of proper names and the pronoun ia when they are used as a subject or at the beginning of a verbless sentence. The word 'o has no translation to English.


I put Pehea'o ka by accident but it said i was correct?


Duolingo sometimes accepts an answer if it suspects an accidental typo. The i key is close to the k.

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