"The news that I contact him is not right."

Translation:Berita bahwa aku mengontak dia itu tidak benar.

October 7, 2018

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Perhaps: "The report that I contacted him is not right" Still awkward but more clear


This is a very awkward sentence in English.


Another one of those examples of "itu" that can't really mean "those" or "that" and seem to actually mean "is"!


The news that I contact him about is not right.

Berita = news

bahwa = "that"

aku mengontak dia = i contact him

bahwa (aku mengontak dia) = that I contact him

(Berita bahwa (aku mengontak dia)) itu = (the news that I contact him about,) it/that

(itu) tidak benar = (it/that) is not right

( (Berita bahwa (aku mengontak dia) ) itu) tidak benar = ( (the news that i contact him about,) it) is not right.

Adjustment for natural english: the news that I contact him about is not right.


The news that I gave him is not right. This makes sense.


I do not understand why we use 'mengontak' instead of 'mengontakkan' here. I understand that me-X-kan is used when the verb requires an object (in this case, 'him').

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