"Yáʼátʼééh abiní shimá."

Translation:Good morning mother.

October 7, 2018

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Is anybody else not hearing the sound?


Try listening here. https://navajowotd.com/word/hagoonee/

If anyone knows, I don’t know if it is the same word in this navajo rap song for mother, because it is not spelled with the accent on the a, so what if it is a different word? https://soundcloud.com/ashkii-spade/shima


I'm not either. Idk why


Does anyone know how to pronounce these? I'm having trouble figuring it out


The accents indicate the higher tone. No accent, lower tone.

Apostrophes are glottal stops (like the hitch in the voice between "uh" and "oh" in English's "uh-oh").

The vowels are pronounced similar to the way they would be in Spanish. A single vowel is a short vowel. A double vowel is a long vowel (literally take a little longer saying it).

A hook under a vowel means nasalize it.

The consonants are pretty close to what you'd expect, except for a few combinations (none of which are in this exercise). Slashed L is a voiceless L. "gh" is almost like a "w" sound, except it's made in the back of the mouth, not the front.

"Sh" is like the "sh" in "she," "zh" like the "z" in "azure," and "ch" like the "ch" in "cheese." Otherwise, h usually indicates aspiration (breathe a little at the end of yáʼátʼééh). X is also used for aspiration (so sx would be an aspirated s).

Hard consonants that we usually aspirate in English aren't aspirated in Navajo unless indicated (by an H or X).

I hope that helps a little! Once you learn all the pronunciation rules, it makes it a lot easier. Words are pronounced exactly as written.


Teaching Me Diné by mike ryan Seach that on facebook. Lots of videos of what ur seaching for. There should be some youtube videos about this too.


Yáʼátʼééh - it is good/well abíní - the morning can't it be translated as the morning is good/well?


I'm not hearing sound either


In English the phrase, Good morning, Mother often uses a comma so I believe that my answer is and was correct. Please check this, thank you.


Did you report it as also correct?


Why isnt it telling me how to pronounce it


because it's still in beta. Give them time.


Cant hear how to pronounce the words


Why cant duolinger accept "hello morning"?


it is either hello or good morning.


I dont u derstand why there is no sound...hard to pronounce with out it

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