"E kala mai."

Translation:Forgive me.

October 7, 2018

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also means sorry or excuse me


I'm pretty sure "mai" is pronounced like "my", not "may". The recorded voice says it like "may". For example, the common phrase "e komo mai" in Hawaii is always pronounced like "my". An earlier recorded female voice in this lesson also pronounced mai like "may". What is correct? Mahalo!


"my" is the correct pronunciation. "may" is incorrect and should be reported.


Could someone further explain "mai" to me? The definition given is only "do not", but in this case it seems to be some kind of version of "me"(English)


I'm just learning, but I think it's best not to think in terms of exact translations to English words, but rather to concepts. Mai expresses several concepts. According to wehewehe.org the first meaning is "Directional part[icle], towards the speaker, this way" then gives examples like "Hele mai, come" and "Hāʻawi mai, give me." In all of these, the concept of "mai" is "toward the speaker." You see that also in the common expression "No hea mai 'oe?" = "Where do you come from?" In that expression, you're coming from some other place (no hea) to where the speaker is now (mai).


I was taught ,ʻE kala mai iaʻuʻ means ʻExcuse me/pardon me.ʻ Shouldnʻt this phrase, ʻE kala maiʻ just mean, ʻExcuse. or Pardon.ʻ?


You are technically right, but “e kala mai” is commonly used informally to mean “excuse me”; although “iaʻu” is omitted, it is understood, in the same way that English speakers understand that “thanks” actually means “thank you”.


Hi, I don't know the answer to your question, but what does your profile name mean?


sooooo difficultt.I can't understand it. Please, Duolingo,"E kala mai"

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