"E kala mai."

Translation:Forgive me.

5 months ago



also means sorry or excuse me

5 months ago


I was taught ,ʻE kala mai iaʻuʻ means ʻExcuse me/pardon me.ʻ Shouldnʻt this phrase, ʻE kala maiʻ just mean, ʻExcuse. or Pardon.ʻ?

4 months ago


You are technically right, but “e kala mai” is commonly used informally to mean “excuse me”; although “iaʻu” is omitted, it is understood, in the same way that English speakers understand that “thanks” actually means “thank you”.

4 months ago


I'm pretty sure "mai" is pronounced like "my", not "may". The recorded voice says it like "may". For example, the common phrase "e komo mai" in Hawaii is always pronounced like "my". An earlier recorded female voice in this lesson also pronounced mai like "may". What is correct? Mahalo!

2 months ago
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