"He mālie."

Translation:A calm day.

October 7, 2018



He lā mālie= A calm day He lā mālie kēia= This is a calm day

October 18, 2018


Would "it's a calm day" work as well?

October 7, 2018


I think the way we were taught it on here, it would be "He lā mālie kēia", I don't know if the dummy pronoun can be implied in Hawaiʻian too, but let's wait for somebody who knows what they're talking about! xD

October 13, 2018


Technically yes. With weather, "it is..." sentences in Hawaiian do not need a subject. Ke ua nei. means It is raining with no subject. I think I put It is a calm day, and it was marked wrong. However, the first word is capitalized and there is a period at the end. It is misleading at the very least.

November 22, 2018


The (capital) at the beginning and the (period) at the end makes one want to type out a complete sentence for the answer. I wish they would remove (the period) to indicate an incomplete sentence / fragment.

April 7, 2019
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