"Close the window."

Translation:E pani i ka puka aniani.

October 7, 2018

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I think we understand that "'oe" is optional here, but that is not the only point. This is a beta program looking for bugs; in a live language class, ANY correct answer is acceptable. In this beta, sometimes we are marked "wrong" for including "'oe," and at other times we are marked "wrong" for excluding it, depending on the answer chosen by the preparer. Both answers should be technically correct, with perhaps a suggestion as to the "more correct" answer and the reasons why. As this issue occurs with many Q&A, hopefully the bug will be fixed for smoother sailing.


Mahalo to all for reporting! "E pani ʻoe i ka puka aniani" should be accepted now.


according to previous lessons, "oe" should be an acceptable pronoun in this translation even if not necessary.


So ''oe' is not essential here? It may and may not be used?


As a command, the word ‘oe is optional.


In this sentence, is the subject dropped or implied? Who is closing the door? ʻoe, ʻau, kākou?


It doesn't matter in this sentence:)


'Ae/Yes. Actually for commands, the subject is not needed even though some commands in these lessons have it.


Please allow "E pani ʻoe i ka puka aniani." as an alternate, acceptable answer.

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