October 8, 2018

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Why बोल and not बोलो?


I have learnt that there are 3 basic forms of imperative:

1) For तू: verb root जा! Go! बोल! Speak!

2) For तुम: root + -o जाओ! बोलो!

3) For आप: root + -ie/iye जाइये! बोलिए!

The infinitive can also be used as an imperative: जाना! बोलना!

I have found this link that provides more details about the imperative in Hindi: http://hindilanguage.info/hindi-grammar/verbs/mood/imperative-mood/


Stem withoutओ is not really taught here on Duolingo. It's a little strange to me to introduce it just in this one. Also, it's rare. Btw: This stem + ओ form like बोलो that Duolingo teaches, is not really polite. It's used for commands if people are your servant. Better is to use stem+इये (like बोलिये), which closer to please in English.


बोलो is a politer form (Used with तुम). बोल is for तू if I'm not mistaken.


So what is the difference between बेलो and बातओ?


बताओ is more along the lines of 'Tell'.

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