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Please make Czech practice lessons harder

As you move down the tree and add more and more layers of memorization it gets harder and harder to retain the earlier material - going back and reviewing is vital. The exercises that ask the user to translate English sentences into Czech are so much more effective for retaining information than any of the other exercises, but they compose maybe 10% of the practice lessons, at best. It would be great if the next iteration could provide access somewhere on the platform to a Serious Czech Workout. PS kudos to the volunteers who have built this program and who continue to respond to our many questions and quibbles in the discussion threads - you have the patience of saints!

October 8, 2018



@VladaFu is correct. we enter the material for both translation directions nearly equally, but the powers that be want to keep the fragile user happy. their testing shows that people get discouraged and quit when things get tough.

incidentally, the translations to czech are much more labor-intensive to set up, so it is a sore spot for us when they are hidden. the crown level update was supposed to fix this but apparently failed to do so.


Thanks for your replies. In my case, I already complete all the exercises to level 5 before I move on (sometimes skipping levels as you suggest VladaFu)- and I find it a very effective way of learning the new skill, so your labour hasn't gone completely to waste! However when I go back to review these skills with practice lessons, the exercises, yes, seem chosen for 'fragile users', with multiple choice and so on. Since as you say you've already put the time into creating the exercises, it would be great if the DL powers-that-be could create a special Difficult Practice section for their small percentage of users who want to geek out on their language learning. In the meantime I will do what Lrtward suggest below, and take the English for Czech speakers course - can I do this while I continue the Czech for English course, or do I need to create another profile?


be warned, the english for czech speakers course is a clone of the original english courses here, so is teaches a particular kind of english, duoglish. The men eat a strawberry. at times the questionable english sentences produce equally remarkable czech translations.

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Yes, you can. And you can easily switch among your courses by clicking a flag menu next to your profile picture at https://www.duolingo.com . (It doesn't work properly for all your courses in forums.)


This is what Duolingo controls itself.

What can I recommend instead? You can either:

  1. Use the web version and always enter sentences from the keyboard instead of the wrd bank. Or

  2. Do not do practice exercises but do skip (test out) instead to reach the higher crown levels. - That's what I do.


Use of the keyboard is a significant advantage in acquisition. Many accent marks are forgotten then caught by duolingo and it enables the learner to have confidence in writing an accurate note from scratch. The word bank doesn’t have enough wrong answers to force that acquisition.


The lessons get harder at higher crown levels. Plus you can take the "English for Czech speakers" course.

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