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  5. "HoD vIlegh vIneHbe'."

"HoD vIlegh vIneHbe'."

Translation:I don't want to see the captain.

October 8, 2018



This sentence seems odd to me. Isn't there a suffix for this, like for "afraid to" or "need to"? Does it really have to be set up like this?


There is no suffix for wanting. Instead, you use the verb neH want, and then you use as its object the thing that you want.

chab vIneH.
I want the pie.

If the thing you want is a sentence, you put the sentence in the object position. This is an exception to the usual "sentence as object" rule that you use 'e' or net as the object in an SAO. When using the verb neH, you don't use 'e' or net.

chab vISop vIneH.
I want to eat the pie.

Here's how it would look if we were using a verb other than neH:

chab vISop 'e' vInab.
I plan to eat the pie.


There is a cultural taboo against using the "afraid" suffix with a first person subject and "need" is very different than want. I'm sure another way to say this could be found with some creativity, but this sentence is not so unusual, so it's a good one to get familiar with.

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