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"Neha's cow is bigger than my cow."

Translation:नेहा की गाय मेरी गाय से बड़ी है।

October 8, 2018



Where did that come from?


Cow comparing is a big part of the Indian social sphere. Children in the playground, businessfolk in office meetings, or just making small talk with your cashier at the pet store. You gotta get on your cow game man.


The question actually is how comparison appeared from the sky in this lesson. It hasn't been shown neither in the explanation nor in the previous excercises.


Actually this would be funny, but when you are in practice mode and never had learned comparisons before it's a little frustrating (because you have to do it anyway to get your points) except from that, it would be a funny comment ;)


I'd disagree. I think it's a great way to learn. And anyway, there can't be a separate lesson for every single thing. So Duo has to introduce it somewhere. I think it was very well done here, considering this mini-lesson/sub-lesson on comparatives isn't hard and can be understood on the spot.


I agree with you boy, you are right !


This comment is so funny; I had the same reaction. It's like you know what you're doing and then every now and then Duo just throws a random curveball at you, haha.


You know what you are doing because they threw random curveballs at you before too


Yeah can someone explain comparison? How do you compare things in Hindi?


Late the the show, but से means-than-when used as a conjunction.


literally translated: «Neha's cow is big from my cow»


Wow! neha of cow my cow than/from big is.


haha yep! exactly why I wanted to learn Hindi, all these postpositions and other funky stuff is exotic to me, bearer of European languages


"Neha's cow my cow from big is." मेरा दिमाग पिघल रहा है|


Can the combo "se badi hai" be used for any adjective? like "se (any adjective) hai"?


Why is cow not in oblique case? E.g., नेहा की गाय मेरे गायें से बड़ी है


it is. it just doesn't change form in singular.


where is the keyboard for type in english thks


They did not teach us comparison's before showing this exercise.


no, this exercise does. by excluding the mistake sentences in the multiple choice. (I am in the same boat like you) In Hindi comparison they seem to translate: «Neha's cow is big from my cow». Left me the question if it's giving as much milk as mine ;-)


Size doesn't matter?

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