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  5. "Ini suratku."

"Ini suratku."

Translation:This is my letter.

October 8, 2018



Why is "This letter is mine" wrong?


Because the sentence is written to emphasise "this". (Ini) (suratku)

If you wanted "This letter is mine" and emphasise "This letter" you'd say (Surat ini) (punyaku)



Here is more info about the use of "ini" , "itu" : https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31492712

Here is more info about the word order in a noun phrase: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31285942


Interestingly, this sentence would be "Ito ay sulat ko" (this is letter my) in Tagalog.

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Or "Sulat ko ito." [as in "Sulat ko ito, hindi ba?" - translated to "This is my letter, isn't it?"]


sang-ayon!/ de acuerdo/ d'accord/agree/同意する

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Question (may or may not be off-topic):

"Suratku itu" means "my letter". Can I also use "suratku ini"?

P.S. "Suratku itu" is like "Sulat ko ito" in Filipino, which means "This is my letter." or "This is my handwriting."


ku meaning my right so where can ı add "ku" for the speficy to my


Grammatically, you can use it after practically any noun or verb where you could otherwise use "saya" or "aku" You can also use it in front of /some/ verbs, but it's easy to get that wrong.

You can't use it on it's own eg. at the start of a sentence.

Keep in mind that it's much more casual than "saya" so don't use it in formal situations.


when aku is shortened it became exactly the same as the (very) impolite form of "I" in Thai! maybe what some linguists were saying (that Tai-Kadai and Austronesian languages arr distantly related) does have some merits afterall!


by the way this section has a spelling mistake in its name - should be "possessive pronouns" not "possesive ..."


Yes, you're right, thank you.
Unfortunately, I cannot change the name now (the system does not allow it).


Is this used only in conversations between friends? Do people write in this way?

In writing should you phrase it as:

Ini ada surat saya Ini surat punya saya


"Ini surat saya" is sufficiently formal for most situations.. "Ini adalah surat saya" is grammatically correct, but I'm not sure what circusmtances, if any, require that level of formallity.

"Ini ada surat saya" is grammatically incorrect and I think that "ini surat punya saya" is too. For the latter, you might have been going for "Surat ini punya saya" = "This letter is my property" = "This letter is mine"


Which word is equal to "my" ?


The "ku" at the end of "surat"

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