Translation:Ke akua pū.

October 8, 2018

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I’m sorry, this was a silly question. “Goodbye” comes from “God be with you”, too, and Hawai‘i was already heavily Christianized as an independent kingdom, so surely all this talk of Jesus is just transparent and colloquial, so that no one is really thinking of Jesus when they say it.


Can you not say “the gods be with you”? Is this a Christian-only course?


You could, but then it would be Nā akua pū.


Exactly: that was one of the choices, and it was marked wrong—as if this was a course in Christian theology.


This is what happens when an organization with a Christian background gets its hands on Duolingo's language learning site.
I am going to start asking for sources showing historical uses of these terms, because I really do not remember hearing them in the 20 years I was in Hawai'i and in all the years I spent learning the language. They come across as contemporary hapa haole creations like Hauoli la hanau.


I would say, ʻPōmaikaʻi.ʻ


Why lesū pū and not Lesū pū?


The initial letter is an i in upper case, not an L. When the missionaries put Biblical names into Hawaiian, j became the letter i. So it is Iesū (iesū for clarity of the first letter).


hey are you from hawaii??????

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