"Will you get to Prague sometime?"

Translation:Dostaneš se někdy do Prahy?

October 8, 2018

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What about "Někdy se dostaneš do Prahy?"?


This sounds colloquial to me.


One of the given answers is "Dáte se někdy do Prahy?". It sounds like a slang or something. Does it have any meaning in Czech? :)


"dát se" indeed has a similar meaning, something like "to betake (oneself)" (in case you know German: "sich begeben"). It's not slang.


Sounds bookish or archaic to me.


I am clearly confused about Czech tenses, because to me the Czech sentence asks: Are you coming to Prague sometime? The sense of FUTURE Prague visit ("will") is missing.


"Dostaneš se" is perfective. There is no present tense in the perfective aspect, only past (dostal ses) and future (dostaneš se). That's because no action can ever be completed in the ever-fleeting present.

The imperfective aspect, on the other hand, exists in all three tenses: "dostával ses", "dostáváš se", "budeš se dostávat". But that has a different meaning, it's about the process of getting somewhere, not the result.


I wrote Přijedete někdy do Prahy?----The correct answer was Dostaneš se někdy do Prahy?-----why is příjedete wrong?


It has a different meaning.

  • Přijedete do Prahy? -- Will you come to Prague?
  • Dostanete se do Prahy? -- Will you get to Prague? = Will you manage to find the time/means/way/money to come?
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