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"You are here not to play around!"

Translation:Kalian di sini bukan untuk bermain-main!

October 8, 2018



In the word list question, "Kalian di sini bukan untuk bermain-main" which makes sense for "You are here not to play around".

But for the typing question, "You are not here to play around" is also accepted, so shouldn't "Kalian bukan di sini untuk bermain-main" be accepted too for the word order? Or is that not correct Indonesian?


It should be accepted.


"kalian/kamu/anda tidak di sini untuk bermain-main" should be accepted

also in the accepted translation I am pretty sure it should be "tidak" because "bukan" is used to say a noun/pronoun is not a noun (a pen is not a pencil (pena bukan pensil), I am not that person (saya bukan orang itu, She is not an actor (dia bukan aktor)). Tidak is used for all other uses of not/no (apart from don't, which is jangan)

[deactivated user]

    Kamu disini bukan untuk bermain main should be accepted


    I think the English sentence should be "You are not here to play around". It sounds more natural.


    kalian = you guys kamu = you


    Seems to be a glitch. My answer was exactly the same as the "correct" one, but it wasn't accepted.


    I thought 'bukan' was to negate a noun, shouldn't it be 'tidak' here?


    Yes, why is this question "bukan" and not "tidak"?


    Yes bukan is correct. As it has been explained to me this is an exception to the rule, bukan here refers to Kalian (di sini), not to the verb bermain-main.

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