Ordinal Number Notation

I would like some clarification on the proper way to write ordinally notated numbers in spanish. For example, «cuarto» can be written as «4to», and also the «to» can be in superscript. But I would like to know if it would be proper to write it with a super scripted o with a line under it (º). The main thing that I would like to know is what should/can be written after the numeral to indicate a numeral. (Please indicate any numbers that follow different rules if there are any).

(Sorry if this post is difficult to follow; I'm a bit tired right now, but if you need any clarification, just ask.)

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To be more specific, I would like to know if º can be used in the place of «to» and if º is suitable for both masculine and femenine subjects.

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According to:

it's this:

Abbreviations: Ordinal numbers in English take -st for one (1st), -nd for two (2nd), -rd for three (3rd), and -th for the rest of the numbers (4th, 5th,...). In Spanish you add a decimal and then the superscript o for all numbers, or a if you are counting feminine nouns, and er for shorter versions such as primer ( and tercer (

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On this site, I found an ordinal example, but is simply lists 3er (tercer). Here is the link:

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Thanks, that is helpful.

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