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  5. "Hauʻoli ʻoe."

"Hauʻoli ʻoe."

Translation:You are happy.

October 8, 2018



The tooltip offered me "You are happy" and "Are you happy?" - how would I distinguish between a question regarding the well-being of the person I speak with (option two) and the statement that someone is happe (first option)?

I'd appreciate any explanation. Thanks in advance. :-)


One thing that is very important in Olelo Hawaii is inflection. In this example, the English punctuation tells us that it is a statement "You are happy." However if you were having an actual conversation, this is a very odd statement to make. It is more likely that you would ask, "Are you happy?" And the inflection would indicate that it is a question. For example: In English you might ask someone, "Hey, how are you doing? Are you happy?" And aside from the question mark, your voice will go up at the end of the sentence indicating that you are asking a question. In Olelo Hawaii your voice inflection will end "down" instead of "up."


Thank you very much for your answer and insight. :-)


I missed this 3x in a row. No inflection difference. Kept switching between 2 answers


I got it wrong Because I said are you happy & Not YOU ARE HAPPY

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