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Teacher help logging in to iPad!

I have assigned my students an account through Duolingo for Schools and they are trying to login through their iPads. Every time they each get the message that reads "We couldn't log you in. Try signing in again later." At the start page, when you first open the app, there are 2 options. One says "Get Started" and the other says "I Already Have an Account." They are clicking on the one that says they already have an account, typing in their username and password that I printed for them, but it won't work. I already tried to uninstall and reinstall the app. I already tried to reboot the iPad. I even tried logging in with my account that I know already works, but I get the same message as well. Please help!!! It has been doing this since last week and I really need to use it.

October 8, 2018



See if this discussion helps; it has some great info in it: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/23791272

It's a year old so may be out of date but hopefully not.


Hi Lrtward and EmilySarvi,
The solution in Lrtward's link is out of date. Since a few months, there is a help text in the English Duolingo Help Center


However, it might be a bug.
Here is a similar complaint


Thank you pentaan! As usual, you are a bright font of information here in the forums. Merci !


That message looks like it's saying that the app couldn't contact the server, rather than that the username and password are wrong. Is the tablet connected to the internet? To check, open a web browser, and check you can load a webpage.


This is still a problem in 2019. My students click the join link but my classroom doesn't show them as being a part of it no matter how many times they "join."


I was also having this problem. I deleted the app and reinstalled, and now it works!

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