I never expected myself to learn Hawaiian, let alone enjoy learning it but tbh, Hawaiian is an amazing language to learn! I'm so glad this language was added to Duolingo!!

What are y'alls thoughts on learning Hawaiian? Was it something you always wanted to learn or did you randomly start learning it?

October 8, 2018


Hawaiian has caught my eye for a while because it has a good deal in common with Irish, despite them being from completely different language families. They're island languages, their cultures have experienced similar histories (separate kingdoms being later unified, their conquest and domination by foreign powers, their language being suppressed by those powers, etc.), and they even share a few similar words with each other (like lá and lā for "day", and iasc and i'a for "fish").

Although I'm concentrating on Irish and Spanish at the moment, I would like to learn some Hawaiian also in order to help Hawaiians keep their language alive. I'm learning Irish to help save my own ancestors' language from extinction, so I figure why not help another people do the same?

My mom has always wanted me to learn Hawai'ian, especially since I lived there for half of my life due to military. I'm glad it was added, too!!!

Mahalo nui! I have been really fortunate to have been brought up by my family of native speakers.

Well I always wanted to learn it ever since I was a kid...

This is the reason why I join Doulingo!

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