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  5. "Hólǫ́"


Translation:I have

October 8, 2018



I need a reference as to how to pronouce these words otherwise this program isnt helping to understand or read. Audio is coming hopefully soon???

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Shouldn't this also translate to 'There is,' 'There are?' Thanks.


Yáʼátʼééh shikʼis Daniel! ¡Hola amigo Daniel! Here is a good site with explanations and sound archives for some Navajo vocabulary and phrases. This is about the word hólǫ́:

Literally: she/he/it exists; they two exist.

The Navajo word hólǫ́ is a verb, so in the Navajo language, it will follow the noun and the appropriate prefixes.

Besides meaning that something exists, the word also implies possession. This means that the nouns, or objects, which directly precede hólǫ́ are in the possession of the subject that precedes those objects.

Here’s a simple example:

Benjamin mą’iiłitsxoo’í hólǫ́. Benjamin has a fox.


I hope it helps. :)

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¡Hola Diego, e Muchas Gracias por la referencia!


How exactly do you make the second "o" in hóló? I can't seem to figure that out, but you appear to have managed. Thank you for the helpful explanation, and thank you in advance!


I need the reference to pronouce the words to help me pronounce theme correctly


getting a pretty intense pop artifact in the audio when she says it the first time..


Holo means to have, shee holo means I have


i love that the woman repeats the Diné pronunciations. even to the point that they are intentionally different to give a better exposure to the everyday sounds of the language.

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