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Russian Versus Ukrainian

For those of you that have experience with these, What are some primary differences between Ukrainian and Russian? Which would you consider the most valuable to learn?

October 8, 2018



Grammatically they are more or less identical. Really it's just vocabulary that's different. Even then, they are very similar. Knowing one will help enormously with learning the other. Ukrainian has more vocabulary in common with Polish than Russian does.

As for which is the most valuable to learn, Russian takes it hands down.

Ukrainian is a beautiful language, but it's pretty much only spoken in Ukraine. On top of that, Ukraine is a truly bilingual country. Pretty much all Ukrainians can speak or at least understand Russian (while most Russians in Russia will NOT understand Ukrainian). There are even large areas of Ukraine where Russian is the dominant language, rather than Ukrainian.

Russian is not only spoken by more people in just sheer numbers, but is also an international language spoken in all the countries of the former Soviet Union (though this is gradually fading as time goes on).

Unless you have a particular reason to learn Ukrainian, Russian is the way to go. Ironically even if you're going to be working in Ukraine, you'll probably have to learn some Russian at some point anyway because, like I said, many people in Ukraine speak both.


Якщо ви вчите також інші східноєвропейські мови, то українська мені здається ближчою до цих мов, ніж російська. Я знаю українську і російську мови і я набагато легше розумію, наприклад, польську, чеську, словацьку чи білоруську мови, аніж ті, хто знає лише російську мову.
Також в українській мові є і деякі "англомовні" конструкції, яких практично немає у російській мові.
Тобто російська мова, на мою думку, виглядає більш "віддаленою" від Європи. І цьому є географічне та історичне пояснення.


Я согласен с последней частью. Но украинский язык может тоже оказаться удивително дальше чем русский от эвропейских языков. Например названия месяцев. На русском названия одинаковые. Названия по украински намного больше отличаются.


От польского и белорусского?


Не собирался спорить, это бессмысленно, языки все разные, но просто именно про месяцы улыбнуло.
А заимствований и слов иностранного происхождения во всех языках достаточно.


Да вы правы я ошибся. Я имел в виду только западноевропейские языки,
особенно английский, мой язык.


I was wondering that myself


here in duolingo the extension and the audio of the ukrainian course is half sized against russian and/but its design is way more friendly so... both, but russian first.

Ukrainian is the base of russian... like italian to others romance languages but it is spoken only there. I love them both.

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