Pwy + past tense

How would you distinguish between:

Who did she see? And Who saw her?

I have this for the imperfect: Pwy roedd hi’n gweld? Pwy oedd yn gweld hi?

But I want to know how to say in in the preterite.

All I have is: Pwy welodd hi? Which I think is, ‘who did she see’

Thanks for any help and corrections.

October 8, 2018


More advanced constructions than are covered by this introductory course, but...

In the imperfect:

  • Pwy oedd yn ei gweld (hi)? - Who used to see her?
  • Pwy roedd hi'n [ei weld/eu gweld]? - Whom used she to see? Whom did she use to see? Whom was she seeing?

In the simple past:

  • Welodd hi bwy? - Whom did she see?
  • Pwy caeth [ei weld/eu gweld] ganddi hi? - Who was seen by her?
  • Gan bwy caeth hi ei gweld? - By whom was she seen?

You could also use Pwy welodd hi?, but that can mean either 'Whom did she see?' or 'Who saw her?' - you would have to rely on context and perhaps spoken emphasis to know which one was meant.

There are other constructions that can be used for the passive patterns which use impersonal forms of the verb.

October 8, 2018

Ah yes! The imperfect makes sense to me. I never would have got the simple past! Thank you so much, it was driving me mad.

October 8, 2018
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