"Las tres regiones"

Translation:The three regions

April 1, 2013



Why is "areas" not a correct answer here? Duolingo also offers that translation.

April 1, 2013


Why not translate región as region?

April 2, 2013


Because "area" may be more fitting in some cases. Your question misses the point, which was that duolingo offered this translation of the word, there is no context that would command to translate it with "region", so I expected it to be correct.

May 24, 2013


In some cases it can be accepted. Since this sentence is out of context, I believe it should

April 3, 2013


so singular it's región but plural is regiones, without the accent mark? What is the pattern for recognizing when to leave off the accent with a plural like this?

April 8, 2013


This happens because there is a general rule for the pronunciation of Spanish words and where the stress goes. An accent over a vowel means that vowel is stressed instead of the one that normally would be if there were no accent.

Example, words ending with an 'n' or an 's' or any vowel are usually stressed on the second-last syllable. But región has the stress on the O, so it needs the accent because otherwise the E would be stressed.

When it becomes regiones, the o is now the second-last syllable and thus is already stressed without need for accent. Get it?

April 8, 2013


>>When it becomes regiones, the o is now the second-last syllable and thus is already stressed without need for accent. Get it?<<

Thanks Iago ... makes sense the way you explained it.

April 9, 2013


you're a star - I've lost track of the number of simple common sense tips you've given in these comments lago, muchos gracias!

May 23, 2013


Thank you, that was very helpful.

April 24, 2016


What would third be in spanish? I know tres is 3, what would third be?

November 8, 2017



January 18, 2019


"Third" is "tercer/tercero/tercera."

June 27, 2019


The other translations offered for "regiones" are "areas," "zones," and "districts." They are all pretty interchangeable and should be accepted as well.

June 27, 2019
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