"Yáʼátʼééh abiní."

Translation:Good morning.

October 8, 2018

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For anyone confused, Native American Language can be tricky because you have to consider the context. We don't have a HUGE vocabulary for alot of things like the English language. So many of these words can be implied to mean the same thing. Like the word Yá'át’ééh can cover for nearly all words about greetings

P.S. Many of these words you see are spoken as you see it Hope this helps.


So does "yá'át'ééh" actually mean "good" as in the opposite of "bad", or is it used particularly in Greetings, like we're saying "Morning greetings to you".


i read on the site that pronounces these words that yáʼátʼééh means something like "it is good", so this would be "it's a good morning."


I know it has been a while, but i would like to the know what "site that pronounces these words" you use. I have found some in the app store and some help on YouTube. Any other suggestions? Also, Just sayin, I am happy with the Beta as it stands and develops. I am delighted to have what access I have to the language. It seems Duo is willing to share what it has. Thanks Duo!!!!!


It means 'All is well' a Navajo Indian from Navajo Nation AZ taught me


It just means "Hello/Hi" so this sentence literally translated would be "Hello, morning."


Mainly used in Greetings such as "Hello".


Not really it's supposed to mean "good morning everyone"


I cannot listen the phrases! Does anyone know why?


There's no audio available (yet).


I wish this had a speech thing, like when I was learning the Nakoda language at school, our teacher was able have us repeat after her.


I can't pronounce them if i can't listen to them duo lingo! You need to put audio on!


Can we please have the audio? I have never heard Navajo spoken so i would like to know how to pronounce it.

Also what language family is Navajo? Is it related to Algonquin?


Its language family is Athabaskan.


Any idea if soundbites will ever be available? Would greatly help to keep the language alive.

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