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  5. "Saya tidak bisa."

"Saya tidak bisa."

Translation:I can not.

October 8, 2018



If "bisa" means also "able", doesn't "I don't know how to" work? Like "I don't know how to ride a bike" = "I can't ride a bike" = "I am not able to ride the bike"?


"I don't know how to" translates to "Aku/Saya tidak tahu bagaimana/cara(nya)". It is a synonym of "I can not" but strictly speaking, it has a different shade of meaning and not interchangeable with "I can not".


I take it the difference is that tidak tahu means someone has never learned it, while tidak bisu means they have learnes a skill, but can't use it due to circumstances?

For example, no I cannot ride a bike, my leg is broken / there is no bike nearby / i don't have time / etc. Would be tidak bisu?


"I am not able to" is also correct


"Could" and "can" are strictly speaking not interchangeable right? I'm not a native English speaker so maybe I'm wrong...


Yes, they have slightly different meanings, particularly in the tense. But, as Indonesian doesn't distinguish tense (only aspect), they can both translate to "Saya tidak tahu". However, Duo seems to be speaking in the present tense for this lesson.

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"I am not able" is accepted.

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