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"How is the weather in Kaunakakai?"

Translation:Pehea ke anilā i Kaunakakai?

October 8, 2018



Can someone explain why this one uses "i" before Kaunakakai, while other places use "o", and the example used with Honolulu was " 'o "? Wouldn't "How is the weather in Kaunakakai today" be: "Pehea ke anilā o Kaunakakai i keia lā?" ?


The particle ”o” (and also “a”, but you don't need to worry about the distinction between them yet) is the genitive, whereas “i” is the preposition “in”.

“Pehea ke anilā i Kaunakakai i kēia lā?” = “How is the weather in Kaunakakai today?”

“Pehea ke anilā o Kaunakakai i kēia lā?” = How is Kaunakakai's weather (the weather of Kaunakakai) today?”


Thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for!


Me, too. Mahalo!


i don't get it. what's "genitive"?


Hawaiian, as English and many other languages, has "cases" like nominative (nouns), possessive (his, hers), and genitive (belonging to, of), among others. ( maybe someone else can explain that better!)


This is very helpful! The program seems to use "in" in English for both, however, and I feel like I'm guessing about i vs. o as a result.


mahalo! I have not been able to learn what the difference between "o" and "I" have been.


This is so helpful, thank you!! What about the meaning of it before kēia lā though? "Pehea ke anilā i kēia lā?" Is there a second meaning for it, or just the general thing it mentioned in tips as being used when regarding time?


Meaning "in this day" but translated in Hawaiian apparently as "todays"


Just to make sure I understand, “i” can be used both to mark a time phrase (as the tips said) and to mean “in”?


The "alternative" answer in response to my " 'o" was "mo" ??? I've never heard this. Where did "mo" come from?


I think this was a mistake (may be gone by now?) and should be reported.


Nope not gone, I just got this:

"You have a typo. Pehea ke anilā mo Kaunakakai?"

( I put "Pehea ka ʻanilā ʻo Kaunakakai?")


I'm guessing the "typo" they said I made was the okina - I added an okina. They changed it to an "m." I'm baffled!


If we want to emphasize the place, can we say: I Kaunakakai pehea ke anilā ?

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