Translation:E hele!

October 8, 2018



This is correct. Exercises are not consistent. Sometimes the command is desired and sometime not.....


Thanks for letting us know.


What's the difference between Hele and E Hele?


hele is just the word meaning "(to) go" but E hele! Is a complete sentence, a command, meaning Go!


UB40 and Bob Marley shouldn't be appearing as possible answers, especially in an intro...reported. I came across this reviewing and it wasn't like this when i did the lesson. Hopefully there isn't some sort of security beach in Duo.


Bob Marley was appearing on my screen too but i didn't know that it was a security breach


Option two for me was "Ub40 'oe!" Is this a mistake or a sound notation I haven't come across before?


Report it, please. It appears someone has accessed the system and is playing around.


For some reason the report button wasn’t showing on my desktop version. If I come across something similar again I will!


The UB40 is still around, i came across it on a different question but was unable to report it as im on mobile browser


So are the "Bob Marley" and other spurious answers spam too? (That would make me feel better - I thought it was just silly answers to "amuse" us (I wasn't really amused ;) )


Why can't you use holo?


Holo for people means run.


Go is hele Go! Is e hele Isnt it just hele


Hmmm. Ditto others above. If not consistent in these beginning exercises ... are the more complex exercises reliable in the correctness of the answer? Hope this gets corrected soon as the lessons progress.


Someone above made a comment that explained that hele is "to go" but E hele is a command like "Go!"


So I get that "e" infers imperative before a verb and before a name is a form of address, but what does the "e" at the end of a sentence mean?


Sentences do not typically end in a final e except for interjections and in songs and chants as I recall. In both instances there is no real meaning, just kind of a way to end the thought with "oh" or something of the sort.


Mahalo! That answers my question! I keep trying to learn new words/etc. by trying to translate songs on the radio, etc., and this is something I hear alot. (I wish someone would create a local class to learn that way!)

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