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  5. "Tulirudisha vitabu"

"Tulirudisha vitabu"

Translation:We sent back the books

October 9, 2018



And why on Earth is 'we returned the books' not accepted?

[EDIT]. Now accepted. June '20


Well I have to agree that "return" is the first word that comes to mind, and one thinks of returning books to a library, but in this day and age, perhaps sending books back to Amazon happens a lot more often. :)


The correct English should be "We sent the books backs".


Either We sent the books back or We sent back the books is correct. (I'm assuming "backs" was a typo because that is definitely not correct.)

I slightly prefer to put "back" after the object, and this is necessary with a pronoun (eg. "We sent them back" is correct and "We sent back them" is not), but "We sent back the books" is absolutely correct and quite normal English.


If one sends something back, the English word is to return "We returned the books" should be marked as a correct answer

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