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"Naves comerciais estão em teste."

Translation:Commercial ships are already being tested.

April 1, 2013



"Spacecraft" should be accepted along with "spacecrafts".


Agreed, I reported this, "spacecraft" is a valid plural of this word in English. I think it sounds and reads more naturally than "spacecrafts".


Spacecrafts IS NOT a valid plural of spacecrafts so you were right to report it cazort


"spacecraft" is correct. I have never heard anyone say "spacecrafts"


I disagree on two accounts. '*spacecrafts' is not a word. The plural is simply 'spacecraft.' Secondly until we start having regular flights to the moon there is no such thing as 'commercial spacecraft.' The sentence can only be talking about aircraft or ships.


Spacecrafts would be quite wrong. The plural of Spacecraft is Spacecraft !!!!!


This makes no sense in English. 'already in testing', perhaps?


"Already being tested" sounds fine to me... "already in testing" is better, though, yes.


If you go Google Brasil


click on "Imagens" and search for "nave", you pretty much get pictures of spaceships. Nary a sea-going vessel to be seen.

A question for our Brazilian friends here on Duolingo: does "nave" usually mean "spaceship"?


In full, "spaceship" is "nave espacial" and in that phrase "nave" simply means "ship". It appears that the word was once synonymous with "navio" but it is now more often used figuratively or poetically in that sense. Perhaps that implies "nave" = "spaceship" in everyday language (when it is clear you are not talking about part of a church), but even if not, context should make it clear.


Already are/are already are the same in english. I think every time I get this backwards, maybe in my area we say the already first but it's frustrating to have to put it after :/


Perhaps your use is regional. Standard placement for adverbs of frequency is after the verb 'to be'.


or "already in a test"


That would imply there's a single test to be performed.


Yup, so I put "in tests". Not accepted, reported.


My word order is acceptable in English


It would be helpful if you told us what word order you used Bethzuck!


Sorry, sometimes it gives me an opportunity to post here, and other times to report it to the staff. My word order was:

Commercial ships already are being tested.

I agree that "Commercial ships are already being tested," is more idiomatic, but I didn't choose that order because I was afraid that putting the words in a different order from the Portuguese would result in a wrong answer.

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