"Thanks, Kawika!"

Translation:Mahalo, e Kawika!

October 9, 2018



In the multiple choice version, the correct answer was "Mahalo, Kawika!", but in the free form section is "Mahalo, e Kawika!" Is the "e" optional, or is the version without it an error?

October 9, 2018


"e" should be required, since it is used to address a person by name, "e Kawika" and not just "Kawika".

October 9, 2018


Sheldonabril I was just thinking the same thing. Like Gaelic.

October 9, 2018


The e should be included

October 11, 2018


When I did this exercise, the word "e" as not included as one of the options in the word bank. I switched to typing, and all was well, but there was no way to report this in the feedback.

October 11, 2018


It didnt give me the choice, it qas just typing

February 23, 2019


Same happened to me ;-;

October 14, 2018


Aloha, did you know that I am from Hawaii. It's really cool and I hope that you guys will have a fun time learning this language

March 1, 2019


When should i use e, and when should i use 'o?

October 9, 2018


E is used when speaking "directly to" a person, 'o is used when speaking "about" a person. For example: "Hello Kawika" would be: Aloha e Kawika. "I saw Kawika" would be: Ua 'Ike au 'o Kawika

October 11, 2018


Aloha, I saw Kawika. Ua ʻike au iā Kawika. The "ʻo" is a marker for the proper name found the the piko or poʻo position of the sentence.

October 12, 2018


Is it about direct and indirect object?

June 14, 2019


Hola, yo habla Espanol. Que hace “e” en Hawaiian?

February 20, 2019


(e) is used with a personʻs name when you are talking to that person.

Mahalo, e Maddie! = ¡Gracias, Maddie!

February 21, 2019


The Hawaiian letter W

Can the (Hawaiian letter W) be pronounce with the (English language letter V sound) or with the (English language letter W sound) ?

Or does one need to memorize the sound of each individual Hawaiian word with the letter (W) when we hear it spoken?

December 14, 2018


What is kawika???

May 1, 2019



Kawika is a Hawaiian form of David. David is an English name that is derived from the Old Hebrew name “Dodaveha” which means “beloved of Yahweh”. The name David is very popular because it is the name of one of the greatest kings of Israel.

May 3, 2019


One of the choices is, UB40, e Kawika!

June 4, 2019


No , it isn't .

June 24, 2019
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