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  5. "That toy is in the bedroom."

"That toy is in the bedroom."

Translation:Aia kēlā mea pāʻani ma ka lumi moe.

October 9, 2018



I vs. ma? Can I say "i ka lumi moe"?


‘Ae/Yes - same thing in this context.


Can someone explain when to use 'mea'? I'm confused as to why we have to use 'mea.


Some words are more than one word - the word pāʻani means play, and toy is a compound noun mea pāʻani, literally play thing.


Reminds me of the word Spielzeug in german. Same thing, play + thing


Is it not proper to say "Aia ka mea pa'ani kela i ka lumi moe"?


Yes, that is improper. kēlā leads the noun, kēlā mea pāʻani = "that toy"


Is it the "aia" that makes it different from "he?" "He lā mālie kēia." This is a calm day. Sorry for the confusion.


I think I see where you're coming from. If you were saying "That is a toy" you would say "He mea pāʻani kēlā". With a "He" sentence, there are two parts. Something is a something. That is a toy. So in that case "toy" and "that" are different parts of the sentence. If you were saying "That toy is a ball", however, you would say "He kinipōpō kēlā mea pāʻani", where "kēlā mea pāʻani" is one of the two parts, i.e. "that toy".


And also to explain another point, aia is only for sentences to give the location of something. It has no translation but you can kind of think of it as meaning "is located".


Mahalo e Lee. Just to add to that, Aia sentences can refer to location in space or time.


Question for the native/experienced speakers: I've noticed that both "Aia kēlā mea pāʻani ma ka lumi moe." and "Aia ma ka lumi moe kēlā mea pāʻani." are accepted, so it seems the order of "in the bedroom" and "that toy" is free. But which one sounds more Hawaiian?


It is more common to put the prepositional phrase last.

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